• Sunday, December 20, 2020

Dear Customers,

As you all know CentOS 6 64Bit Operating System reached End of Life, OpenVZ 6 Virtualization depends on CentOS 6 will not be receiving any further more updates on security patches, vulnerabilities, or bug fixes.

Effective from January 2021, we officially stop accepting new order for OpenVZ based VPS. Simply because of the technology moving towards full virtualization (KVM) that has more flexibility for end VPS users. Existing customers who currently hosted on OpenVZ-based VPS will remain unchanged. However, users who are using our OpenVZ VPS will be provided with NEW KVM VPS to migrate.

NEW KVM VPS will be provided through Email and Support Ticket with Subject"Migration of OpenVZ to KVM VPS" where we will be sharing the login details for the VPS based on KVM. User will have 5 Days to Migrate the Existing VPS Content to New KVM VPS.

More on CentOS 6 64Bit Operating System End of Life Information can be found here: Click Here

As every technology comes to an end and we need to adapt to new technology, this migration process is mandatory to keep your website, data, and files safe within the secured environment.

We expect all our OpenVZ VPS users to cooperate during this migration process.


Support Department